If you believe in the power of prayer I'm asking everyone to say a special prayer for a friend who's about to go into a major surgery. Thank you! 🙏🏼✨

Kovich is THRILLED to open for Croatian pop icon and the most popular music star in Croatia and the Balkans Severina April 29 in Vegas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas⚡️⚡️⚡️ Tix are going fast so buy them asap through www.severinausa.com

Richard Jackson is beyond a choreographer and creative director. He's a fearless leader and guardian angel to artists. Loved Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show? Thank LG and this man. He's pushed our limits and always goes the extra mile. Richy working with you is a dream come. Your passion is infectious. You work ethic is inspiring. Above all, your humility is admirable. You're a mogul in the making Richy freakin Squirrel Jackson. Thank you so much @steve.gaeto for making this happen! Get ready for Kovich music! ✨⚡️💥

It was a great honor for Kovich to perform for fellow Croatian and one of the world's greatest tennis players Marin Cilic for his foundation. It's always admirable to see people give back and this guy's heart is as big as his height. ❤🎾❤🎾

Union Rescue Mission

Join us and our wonderful special guest Annie Bosko at the 2017 Hearts for Hope Gala this Saturday! RSVP today at http://ow.ly/sObq309nRpN

Union Rescue Mission is an amazing organization and I can't wait to play their benefit Saturday night. Tickets are still available!

Over The Rainbow- Annie Bosko & Tom Shinness


In memory of the great Tom Shinness. Live from Hayman Loft.

Tom Shinness your physical body might have left this earth, but, your music will resonate forever. So heartbroken to hear about your loss due to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I've never met someone who's entire cellular being oozed more pure talent and love for music. This was recorded impromptu very late one night after a show. You will be missed Sir Tom. https://youtu.be/r927dW4FUn0

If you struggle with anxiety... seizures... inflammation or just mood stability and are looking for a natural remedy direct message me! It's also a very cool business opportunity! 😘❤

Dane Cook

This pic was posted by @gisele today & it made me tremendously emotional. Trust me after last nights epic SuperBowl triumph and seeing @TomBrady do what has never been done I was already emotional & proud. But this was about something I understood all too well. What it means to play for your mom. I call what Tom played last night a vitality game. I used to perform vitality shows for my mom. I booked bigger and bigger gigs because every new arena of cheering fans was allowing my lovely mom to thrive another day rooting for her little boy. Seeing this pic of Tom and Galynn Patricia Brady made me happier than you know. Knowing the one person that brought you into this life has the opportunity to make history with you is something no medicine can help or fix. To show your mom you've become the best parts of her and the most important lessons stuck - gratifying beyond words. I held my moms hand days before her passing and she said "you did it baby." I said, "we did it mom." Tom & his mom accomplished this last night. Everything she gave to him prepared him to overcome even as his world is shattering on and off the field. I wanna say one more thing. I'm now rooting for Galynn Patricia Brady. I am sending all my energy to her and her family. And believe me if there is one person that can beat this wretched disease it's the mother of Tom Brady.


Singing to David Foster playing the piano is truly awe-inspiring and unearthly. This new song is so good it weakens my heart and lights up a smile at the same time. Super fun day recording songs for his musical. It's going to be ah-mazing! ✨✨🎼🎼

Everyone says: "If you need anything, don't hesitate, I'll be there for you ". I'm going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, that out of my Facebook friends that less than 5 will take the time to put this on their wall to help raise awareness of and for those who have mental health difficulties. You just have to copy it from my wall and paste it to yours (hold down on my post and you will be given the option to copy... then go to your status and hold down to paste). Please write "done" under my comments when you do! I've done this for a friend for Mental Health Awareness👊DONE!!

Thank you Taylor Guitars and Tim Godwin for my baby Taylor and for all your support. Best acoustics in the world! Excited to release some acoustic stuff. 🎥 Chucky Anthony #taylorguitars #babytaylor

This shit is BANANAS 🍌B-A-N-A-N-A-S 🍌and might also make you... well... 🏃🏻‍♀️💩😜 Seriously this oatmeal would make Pharrell Williams & Gwen Stefani proud. Oatmeal + Chia Seeds + Flax Meal + Cashew Butter + Raw Honey + Bananas + Berries + Cinnamon + Smidge Of Coconut Oil + Pink Himalayan salt! 👅 ... ... ... ... ... #cleansing #oatmeal #chiaseeds #flax #berries #banana #cashewbutter #berryoatmeal #bestoatmeal #eathealthy #yourhealthisyourwealth #healthfood #healthisyourwealthj

Had the honor of performing and dedicating my song "Fighter" to a man who certainly knows about fighting. Arnold Schwarzenegger is so kind and down to earth. I listen to YouTube videos of his speeches all the time for inspiration. Another MAGICAL night thanks to the most wonderful, beautiful and generous human @loveforeverkim ✨❄️❤️